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The health, happiness and wellbeing of our employees are of paramount importance to us. We strive to provide a workplace environment that fosters engagement, growth and long-term care. We train and develop our people conscientiously and provide employees with genuine support.

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Protecting the environment and our shared future is a deep commitment at Masterpiece. We manage our resources carefully and strive constantly to use less electricity, water and paper and reduce waste. Our efforts on environmental protection and disclosure of our carbon footprint have been appreciated by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department.

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Supply Chain

Supplier standards and practices are taken seriously at Masterpiece. We not only use carefully selected suppliers who can meet international standards in social compliance, workplace and product safety, but also closely monitor conformance to these standards at all times. As part of our commitment to sustainable sourcing, we continuously support our suppliers in advancing socially and environmentally fair production measures. Our in-house social compliance team guides suppliers on requirements of international standards and promotes ethical sourcing in the emerging markets.

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We are extremely conscious of our role in society, and are committed to giving back to the local communities that we serve. We have partnered with a number of NGOs on community outreach programmes. Since 2015 we have been working with Green Ladies, a social eco enterprise, to promote fashion reuse culture.

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